Yoga tips – Focus on the basics

Kirsty began her yoga journey in 2016 with a home practice and an inspiration from yogis and movement specialists via Instagram. She fell in love with being upside down and challenging her mind to be in the moment. A year later in 2017, after a rigorous home practice, she completed her 200hr teacher training and since then has brought the joy of yoga to like-minded students worldwide. Besides her local classes in Texas, where she resides with her husband and two cats, she teaches online and hosts workshops and retreats worldwide.

Here is Kirsty useful tips for beginners:

-Focus on the basics—Going to local classes and investing in 1:1 privates is key when you’re first begin a yoga practice. Having a safe, alignment based start can help prevent injury and make you feel more comfortable working on advanced postures in the future!

-Stay consistent. Kirsty suggests practice 3-4x a week for a “healthy” yoga practice. She always says “you get what you put into your practice”. She also says ‘it is better to practice 10 minutes a day everyday vs. 60 minutes once a week’.

Q: What are you current struggles/ challenges?

A: I am currently struggling with practicing backbends consistently as I’ve had quite a different focus on my practice lately!

Q: What are your goals and inspiration in yoga/life?

A: I am to inspire and spread my knowledge and joy of yoga to students all over the world. I hope to inspire a fun, alignment based practice in order to help you progress into deeper physical postures and more mental clarity & self love.

Q:What’s your favorite yoga pose and why?

A: My favorite posture is handstand! I love the constant challenge to clear the mind and balance on my hands! Handstand feels different everyday and there are always new challenges to try with it.

yogi doing a handstand on the road

Q: What are your hobbies in life/ activities in your free time?

A: When I’m not practicing yoga in my living room, you can find me snuggling with my cats, hanging out with my husband, watching Netflix, cleaning and organizing, and repotting my many house plants. 🌱

IG: @tiny.kirsty


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